On Being “Type A”

“There are NOT enough hours in the day!” — Me, everyday.

Can you relate? Have you ever thought of yourself as a “Type A” person? I never did. But then I took a revealing quiz in the book, The Hidden Link Between Adrenaline and Stress by Dr. Archibald Hart. (Sounds thrilling, I know.)

Well, it turned out that I was Type A and the use of that little phrase was part of the proof.

I always thought Type A people were the very best kind of people. They were the ones I looked up to and strove to emulate. They were busy saving the world. But Dr. Hart’s perception was not so complimentary. He brought up the point that Martha in the Bible was a classic example of Type A. Jesus wasn’t.

I have learned the hard way — not just from Dr. Hart’s book — that living on adrenaline has some serious consequences. My payback — Adrenal Fatigue, resulting in:

– Panic attacks

– Anxiety

– Derealization  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derealization)

Now, granted, I spent eight years in Haiti, and some fairly traumatic events came into play leading up to my adrenal fatigue, but when I stop and look back at my tendencies, I can see that my choices and my perspectives as a Type A person kind of propelled me off the cliff. The cliffs of insanity? (Thanks, Princess Bride) Yes, that’s what it felt like. It was terrifying.

My advice to you (and me) today? Read the story of Jesus, Mary, and Martha beginning in Luke 10:38. Don’t be like Martha and me.

Part 1 of this missionary’s tale coming soon…


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