Not by might, nor by power: An answered prayer

I “fought” on behalf of my special needs child for a few weeks.

I attended the meeting that was intended to resolve the issue.

And I walked away defeated.

I’d given it my all… presenting what I thought were strong arguments and valid points, yet I was presented with three unsatisfactory options:

  1. Yield.
  2. Muster up the energy to present my case to a superior again.
  3. Hire a lawyer.

It was up to me to make the next move.

So I procrastinated.

The next morning — my “deadline” — came and went. Jarod and I had been praying for weeks and I was still praying. But I was not seeing an answer, so how could I make the call they were waiting for?

And then the phone rang.

“God, I know it’s them. I have to answer, but I don’t know what to say!”

But He knew that.

They were calling to give me the answer; they’d concluded I was right.

It was done!

I puzzled over how things had changed. Later, I found out that others had stepped up to speak on my behalf.

God knew I was spent.

I’d felt it was all on my shoulders, but the truth was, it was in God’s hands all along.

He had it.

And once again when my strength and wisdom were gone, when I was weak and done, He showed me He could handle it.


Lord Jesus, let this example of your faithfulness remind my friends and remind me to trust you for the next thing.


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One thought on “Not by might, nor by power: An answered prayer

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